Moving to celtic_cherokee.

Hello everyone! :) I just wanted to give a heads up that I'll be moving to celtic_cherokee and my icon updates and personal entries will be found there from now on. My paid account expired and for want of a better screen name, I created a new account and then re-ordered it to be paid. So, that will be the place to go. I'll be adding friends from this account to that one throughout the day (and following days). If you'd like to continue as one of my friends, please add that journal or let me know! Thanks.

-Beck / iconfluence,
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Harry Potter and the Fluffy-Fluff Fluff...

I understand for certain that time constraints are an issue.

But there are things that need to be considered when making a film in a series of films based on a book series with a highly developed plot and many important characters. One of them is the plot, period. This was the worst film since Goblet of Fire. Hands down.

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